5/28/2017 Rosaria Magnisi 3 Comments

La felicità è un attimo...,
un abbraccio
- rosa di maggio-.
Soffia l'aurora,
profumo di labbra,
respiro nell'anima.
Tra le dita...
il colore è calore di vita
-emozioni di luce-.
Azzurro mescola
-onde impazzite-
mani protese,
quiete d'amore,
un sorriso,
una mano.
Il buio si inchina
nelle fitte dell'anima.
-Rosaria Magnisi-
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3 commenti:

  1. Bliss is happiness beyond the senses, beyond the laughter .Real joy is felt in the soul and realized in the heart ,True happiness is outside senses of seeing, smelling, Listening taste or touch feelings .Admire the concept in your inspiring poem dearest Rosaria Magnisi

    1. Good afternoon dear friend see vyas Malik!📑 Thank you for reading, commenting and appreciating!👍 [With this poem I expressed openly that happiness lasts for a moment because the pains are getting stronger. I am a person of heart and I speak through my poems. Those who read me can understand my true mood. Those who dwell on pictures will never understand me! There is soul suffering that is an open wound and a pending account with life especially when you're sick. You suffer and despite this you try to smile! This is the closed meaning of my poem "The dark bows
      In the midst of the soul. "]
      **A dear greeting**🌐

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